Conquer Your Dental Fears by Understanding Your Root Canal

98 % Root canals have up to a 98% success rate. Source.
A root canal involves gently removing infected nerve tissue from inside the tooth structure. The space inside the tooth is cleaned, sealed, and capped with a crown to restore your tooth function. Your experienced endodontist will perform the treatment using advanced techniques and technologies for painless and effective care.

However, our team wanted to take the time to separate fact from fiction about root canals. Knowing the truth behind some of these myths will help you pursue the treatment you need to save your natural teeth.

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions:

  • Myth: Root Canals are painful.

The reality is, a root canal is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. According to the American Association of Endodontists, patients who have had a root canal are six times more likely to describe it as painless than patients who had a tooth extracted. We’ve invested in advanced technology, like laser equipment. Your endodontist will numb your mouth using a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing. Sedation is also available, if desired.

  • Myth: Root canals can cause disease.

This concept is based on a long-since debunked idea that a root canal can lead to illness elsewhere in the body. A poorly designed study led to this conclusion and has been disproven. Still, conclusions from the study, which was performed in the 1920s, are all over the internet. In fact, recent and extensively researched studies show that a root canal can benefit your overall health by reducing inflammation in the body.

  • Myth: It’s better to just have the tooth pulled.

It’s always better to save your natural tooth whenever possible. The idea of extraction being better originated from the same debunked study, and it’s simply not true. An extraction causes a lot of bleeding and creates a higher risk of bacteria entering your bloodstream. You’ll recover more quickly and comfortably from a root canal than an extraction. A root canal not only restores your tooth’s health and function, it also saves you the time and money you would need to spend to replace an extracted tooth.

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