Find the Right Treatment, With the Help of Endodontic Specialists

50 % More than half of adults have pain from their dental problems. Source.
Not all dental injuries are the same. Your endodontist will determine the treatment necessary based on the size, depth, and angle of the crack. No matter what caused your injury, our experts use advanced technology such as 3-D scanning equipment to make the right treatment recommendations.

You can also feel confident they’ll use the latest treatment techniques. Practice founder Dr. Albert Goerig is a national authority in the field who has personally coached nearly 20 percent of endodontists in North America.

Minor craze lines, which are tiny fractures in the tooth, are common. They may not need anything more than you being monitored by your general dentist for changes. A fractured cusp, when the corner of the tooth breaks, can also usually be treated by your primary dentist.

These more severe situations will require endodontic treatment:

  • Cracked Tooth – This kind of crack starts at the chewing surface of your tooth. It may or may not involve the tooth root. The pulp is often damaged. A root canal can save your tooth. Left untreated, this type of fracture can lead to more serious infection. So seeing us ASAP is essential.
  • Vertical Root Fracture – This type of crack originates at your tooth root. Instead of having an extraction performed, endodontic surgery can possibly stabilize the tooth to avoid removal.
  • Split Tooth – This crack reaches all the way through the full tooth. The full tooth cannot be saved. However, your endodontist can determine whether endodontic retreatment can save part of the tooth and how much of the natural tooth can remain.

Your endodontist will treat your cracked tooth with gentle care and compassion. You can also relax with sedation if you’d like. In addition, we will work seamlessly with your dentist on customized treatment to ensure the best possible results.

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