Experience the Best in Endodontics at Our Practice

Dr. Albert Goerig, our practice leader, founded a company that educates endodontists across North America on how to improve their clinical techniques. He has personally coached many of them.

At our practice, he ensures our endodontists uphold the highest standards in patient care. He requires them to pursue ongoing educational opportunities to stay ahead of the latest treatment techniques. They also use cutting-edge technology like digital 3-D scanning, laser equipment, and digital X-rays.

Most important, he has created a positive environment built on compassion, laughter, and trust, so the time spent in our office leaves you uplifted. You can trust that you are getting the best in endodontic care from us!

Here are some of the treatments you’ll benefit from:

  • Root Canal Treatment – Your endodontist will use laser technology to gently and thoroughly clean inside your tooth and remove infected tissue. After reshaping the canals, we fill and seal the tooth to prevent reinfection. A protective crown placed by your dentist completes the restoration.
  • Endodontic Retreatment If a root canal you received elsewhere didn’t resolve your infection or your infection returns, your endodontist will use specialized techniques to fully clean and disinfect the tooth.
  • Apicoectomy – This oral surgery removes infected tissue from the tip of a tooth’s root when infection has spread to the surrounding tissues.
  • Treatment for Cracked Teeth Your endodontist will work with your general dentist to determine if a root canal can be used to repair your cracked tooth.
  • Treatment for Dental Trauma – If you are dealing with an urgent dental need, our practice may be able to restore your tooth for you. Our endodontists specialize in restoring damaged teeth.

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