Trust Your Oral Health Restoration to the Hands of an Expert

There are a lot of myths about root canals generated by popular TV and movies. They may have you more concerned about the treatment than your tooth’s infection. However, a root canal will save your tooth and help you avoid an extraction. It’s what gets you out of pain, not what causes it.

Still, you want your root canal procedure performed by an expert. Whether you are contacting us out of concern about tooth pain or you’ve been referred by your general dentist, you can trust our extensively experienced team. Dr. Albert Goerig leads our practice, utilizing his decades of knowledge to ensure we have the latest technologies and techniques. He trains endodontists across North America on improving their clinical technique. So you can feel confident you are receiving your care from a true endodontics expert.

Here is what you can expect from your root canal:

  • Preparation – Your endodontist will thoroughly examine your mouth, using advanced technology such as digital X-rays and 3-D scanners. This allows us to plan your treatment. When it is time to begin, your mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic, so you don’t feel any discomfort. You can also receive sedation, if desired.
  • Procedure – Next, your endodontist will create a small opening in your tooth to access the pulp. With the help of the latest laser technology, they will remove the infected tissue and completely disinfect your tooth’s interior. Then, your endodontist will fill the space with a rubber-like material to close up the tooth and prevent further infection. We typically place a temporary filling at this point to protect your tooth.
  • Restoration – In most cases, your endodontist will recommend protecting your tooth with a custom-made dental crown for long-term durability and restored function. You will return to your general dentist for the placement of the crown.

In addition, our practice also performs apicoectomies to save severely damaged teeth and endodontic retreatment to restore teeth that have been reinfected. Your endodontist can also repair cracked teeth and treat other traumatic injuries. With our expertise, we can repair even extreme dental damage.

Our team understands if you feel anxious about dental procedures like root canals. You’ll receive your treatment in peace in a private care room. You are welcome to relax with a blanket and pillow. We’ll ensure you are completely comfortable throughout your procedure.

Call 360-525-2882 for root canal treatment in Olympia. You can also ​​schedule online.